Billing & Collection Services

  Physicians Products offers a full service billing program for physicians treating workers compensation patients. Our specialty is billing for medications dispensed at point of care.

Our programs offer a complete turnkey approach;

  • Consignment of medications
  • No cost risk dispensing
  • Software
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Medication Billing
  • Compound Medication Billing
  • Lien Representation

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    Drug Testing Program

    Help your patients get back to work sooner by obtaining accurate information regarding their pain medication use.

    Physician’s Products can assist your office in:

    • Complete Program Setup
    • Program Monitoring
    • CLIA Application
    • Billing Assistance
    • Increased Reimbursement

    5 Reasons to use Physician’s Products (PPI) for Drug Monitoring

    1. PPI uses only CLIA waived testing equipment.
    2. PPI offers a complete turnkey testing protocol;
      • Training
      • CLIA manual and procedures
      • Specimen collection
      • Billing option
    3. PPI uses only the highest qualified labs for testing. Is your lab SAMSHA certified? Will your results stand up in court?
    4. PPI can assist in pre-employment testing, DOT testing and;
    5. PPI will assist in keeping your CLIA waived license in good standing.
      Is Your CLIA Waived License At Risk?
      • More than 20% failed to routinely check product insert
      • More than 35% were not using CLIA Waived test kits
      • More than 50% did not document patient name, lot number and expiration date
      • More than 20% failed to perform quality control tests
      • More than 40% did not have designated & documented trained personal

    Pharmacy Custom Compounding

    Pharmacy Compounding - Custom Rx
    Innovations in Pain Management

      Providing compounds at point-of-care is a rewarding practice for both patient and physician.

    Physicians Products has been working with various pharmacies and physicians to develop a line of unique transdermal creams for the treatment of pain, inflammation and muscle strain.

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    Compound Topical Creams for Pain Management

    Pain is one of the most common reasons people seek a physician. One of the more popular treatments in pain management is the use of transdermal medications. Transdermal delivery allows a easy, non-invasive method for treatment. Side effects and drug interactions are minimized because they are designed to provide high tissue concentrations without significant systemic absorption. Absorption of topical creams in the blood stream is low, GI toxicity is rarely experienced. This is especially beneficial to patients who have problems tolerating oral NSAID medications.

    Transdermal Cream Uses

    Muscle Strains - Tendon Injuries - Neuropathic Pain - Back Pain - Arthritic Pain
    Sciatica Pain - Fibromyalgia Pain - ETC



  • Reduces Narcotic levels
  • Provides active ingredients directly to the site of injury
  • Minimizes potential side effects
  • Reduces risk of drowsiness
  • Decreases risk of gastrointestinal upset or bleeding
  • Great patient feedback
  • *Research has shown that property compounded medications can have tissue concentrations of 100-fold greater below the application site, compared to systemic (oral) concentrations.
    Common Agents Used in Treating Pain
    Baclofen, Cyclobenzaprine, Gabapentin, Ketamine, Lidocaine, Ketoprofen, Diclofenac, Capsaicin
    For more information on formularies, reimbursement questions, studies and general information on dispensing compounds; please visit

    Prescription Filling Program

    No Hassle Workers'
    Compensation Prescriptions...

      Having trouble filling your prescriptions?

    Prescription Headquaters, Inc. works with your physician and/or attorney to get you the medication(s) you need. No Cost, No Hassle & Delivered to your door in 24 to 48 hours.

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    Prescription Headquaters, Inc.
    Pharmacy Service For The Injured Worker

    Repack Medication

    Physicians Products is proud to partner with NuCare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

        NuCare Pharmaceuticals Inc is headquartered in Orange, California. NuCare is a fully licensed FDA and DEA drug manufacturer and is one of the few US repackagers that has the capability to repackage antibiotic products. NuCare only repackages A-AB rated medications. NuCare can also accommodate controlled substances: Schedule II, III, IV and V as well as injectables. NuCare has been in business since 1999 (under the same management) and maintained one of the most stringent quality control checks in the industry. The founding partners have over 50 years experience in this industry.  

    For additional information, call 1-888-482-9545 or go to

    NuCare is licensed and does business in 38 states, including extensive business with;
    All branches of the military, Veterans Administration, hundreds of Hospitals, Free Clinics, Community Clinics, State and County Agencies and Physicians offices.

    NuCare is an approved distributor to:

    Department of Defense DAPA # SP0200-06-H-0062
    Amerisource Bergen Vendor # 74273
    McKesson Vendor # 32500
    Cardinal Vendor # 4282


    NuCare is a licensed Drug Wholesaler and repackager for vitamins and nutraceuticals.

    NuCare offers an extensive array of Point-of-Care pharmaceutical management services and products, ranging from custom contract packaging/private labeling, to customized dispensing systems, both manual and PC based. NuCare's unique EZ-PEEL label system is the easiest to use in the industry, permitting patient prescribing, recording and dispensing in less than 15 seconds.
    Additionally NuCare's "ER" pack is the solution for Automated Dispensing Machines in Hospital Emergency Rooms. Our "ER" packs come in 24-72 hour dosages. NuCare carries $5,000,000 in liability coverage by a "AAA" rated insurance carrier. NuCare provides nationwide pharmaceutical pedigree reporting.
    NuCare is listed (#314) in the May 07 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the US and have been selected by INC Magazine for their INC5000 list.
    Whether you are seeking to save time, reduce errors, lower costs or increase profits -
    NuCare has the answer.