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Pharmacy Compounding - Custom Rx
Innovations in Pain Management

  Providing compounds at point-of-care is a rewarding practice for both patient and physician.

Physicians Products has been working with various pharmacies and physicians to develop a line of unique transdermal creams for the treatment of pain, inflammation and muscle strain.

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Compound Topical Creams for Pain Management

Pain is one of the most common reasons people seek a physician. One of the more popular treatments in pain management is the use of transdermal medications. Transdermal delivery allows a easy, non-invasive method for treatment. Side effects and drug interactions are minimized because they are designed to provide high tissue concentrations without significant systemic absorption. Absorption of topical creams in the blood stream is low, GI toxicity is rarely experienced. This is especially beneficial to patients who have problems tolerating oral NSAID medications.

Transdermal Cream Uses

Muscle Strains - Tendon Injuries - Neuropathic Pain - Back Pain - Arthritic Pain
Sciatica Pain - Fibromyalgia Pain - ETC



  • Reduces Narcotic levels
  • Provides active ingredients directly to the site of injury
  • Minimizes potential side effects
  • Reduces risk of drowsiness
  • Decreases risk of gastrointestinal upset or bleeding
  • Great patient feedback
  • *Research has shown that property compounded medications can have tissue concentrations of 100-fold greater below the application site, compared to systemic (oral) concentrations.
    Common Agents Used in Treating Pain
    Baclofen, Cyclobenzaprine, Gabapentin, Ketamine, Lidocaine, Ketoprofen, Diclofenac, Capsaicin
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